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MarcomCentral is a software as a service (SaaS) cloud based marketing platform that provides corporate enterprise clients and SMB’s with a complete Marketing Asset Management (MAM) solution that helps solve everyday challenges associated with brand compliance, rogue marketing and corporate asset dilemmas.

MarcomCentral provides easy to use online portals and integrated tools that enable the controlled customisation and personalisation of corporate assets from pre-approved content libraries and pre-populated men-driven forms.

Corporate branded portals provide controlled access to all manner of corporate and marketing assets in print, non-print and digital format such as manuals, stationary, brochures, promotional materials, logos images etc.

Online check-out options such as e-commerce, departmental billing codes or direct digital download allow users to access and order content when required fitting with todays “instant culture”.

With MarcomCentral organisations can ensure that internal stakeholders, franchisees and distributors are only using the latest approved content and assets that they have been authorised to access. Variables like co-branding can also be controlled ensuring that items such as reseller logos are placed in the designated location.

MarcomCentral’s advanced personalisation and customisation capabilities are enabled via its market leading variable data software and cloud based composition engine FusionPro (also available as a stand-alone desktop solution).

Existing FusionPro customers can easily transition to a full MarcomCentral system utilising existing FusionPro templates within an online portal as variable catalogue items. 

MarcomCentral is also ideally suited to print service providers allowing them to offer a complete print-centric marketing service or web-2-print service.

Tärkeimmät ominaisuudet ja edut


  • Cloud based SaaS solution requires no servers, no software to download and no internal IT resources, subscription payment model
  • Supports single or multiple storefronts with highly customizable site appearance to reflect an individual clients brand
  • Advanced personalisation and customisation controls via easy to use online menu driven forms & pre-populated content
  • Bridge online and offline media by adding dynamic QR codes and personalised URL’s (PURLS) to assets
  • Comprehensive user access controls and user groups allow controlled access by individual, department etc.
  • Approval workflows & user budget controls
  • International language support and localisation 
  • Open API to allow connectivity with other systems including MIS, marketing automation and CRM systems.
  • Integrates with Ricoh’s TotalFlow Suite, production printing digital front ends (DFE’s) and workflow solutions for end to end automation

These features provide the following benefits:

  • Provides Marketing Intelligence to manage brand consistency and compliance
  • Intuitive, custom branded, easy-to-use online tool for ordering static, versioned and variable assets
  • Guarantees enforcement of corporate identity and design standards
  • Reduces overall turnaround and fulfilment times
  • Perfect for Print on Demand and Re-Print on demand corporate requirements to reduce spoilage of inventoried items
  • Reduces pre-printed stationary costs and stock obsolescence
  • Provides purchasing control via approval levels and cost centres
  • Asset reports to help manage asset obsolescence
  • Transparent and seamless user experience via single-sign from existing corporate web-sites
  • Improves communication internally and externally and maintains customer and channel relationships 
  • Easy transition from MarcomCentral’s FusionPro Suite to a full online marketing service.

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